Intern Minister: Emily Clark

Emily Head Shot.jpg

Emily Clark serves as the Intern Minister at Grace. She joined the Grace team in August 2019 and will serve with Grace through May 2020. Her areas of focus are community engagement and community building, with an interest in connecting Grace to the wider community and neighborhood. She lives at Bonhoeffer house with three other amazing individuals, a dog, Scout, and her cat, Binx. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Sociology and is currently working on her Master of Arts in Ministry (M.A.M) at Perkins School of Theology. 

She has a passion for empowering people and finding ways to connect larger institutions together to reach common goals. Having studied sociology, she is interested in how the church, as a powerful institution, can engage with, challenge, and learn from the wider community. She is passionate about bringing different types of people together into common shared space where everyone can learn, grow, and experience the love of God together. 

She is from Dallas and spends her free time with friends, family, at Half Price Books or a local coffee shop. Her hobbies include writing, reading, dancing, singing karaoke, and spending time with friends. 

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