3 Benefits of Your Kids Going to VBS

Summer’s on the horizon and you’re trying to figure out what to do with the kids when school finally sets them free. While you may be looking forward to that week-long family vacation you’ve been planning for months, you still need to find things to keep your children entertained for the rest of the summer.

What if there was a way to keep your kids entertained and educate them about your faith at the same time? As it turns out, there is a way to accomplish both of those things simultaneously. And it’s vacation bible school.

What Is Vacation Bible School?

If you’re not familiar with vacation bible school, you may be wondering what it is. At its core, vacation bible school is an outreach program that’s designed to teach children of all ages about God. While many churches have their own programs, some churches may use a curriculum that they bought. Regardless of whether the curriculum was purchased or self-designed, a typical vacation bible school program is made to fully engage children in lessons about Christ and His teachings.

Why Kids Should Attend Vacation Bible School

Although vacation bible school is intended to teach children about God, participating in this kind of program during the summer provides many more benefits. Here are three of the key benefits that vacation bible school provides in many instances:

An Introduction to Camp

The notion of going to camp for the first time can instill fear in even the toughest, bravest children. Even if they’re looking forward to going to camp, many kids still get nervous or anxious about sleeping away from home with people they’ve never met.

Vacation bible school is a fantastic way to alleviate the fear your children may have about attending camp. Vacation bible school normally consists of activities at a local church that take place during the day. While your kids will still meet many new people during a typical program, they’ll go home at the end of each day. This makes vacation bible school a great way to introduce your kids to camp and prepare them to attend an overnight camp in the future.

A Chance to Make New Friends

You generally don’t have to be a member of a church to sign your kids up for its vacation bible school. This means kids your children haven’t seen during worship may attend vacation bible school with your kids, giving your children the chance to make new friends.

An Opportunity to Learn about Different Lifestyles

Grace United Methodist Church is proud to be a place of worship that welcomes people with a wide array of different backgrounds and lifestyles. Because our church is inclusive, attending our vacation bible school gives children the opportunity to learn about lifestyles that may differ from their own.

We believe every person on earth is created in the image of God. Therefore, we believe every single individual has a place at Christ’s table. Simply as a function of our diverse, inclusive community, your children will learn these lessons when they attend vacation bible school on our inviting campus.

To learn more about the benefits of vacation bible school in general or our program in particular, contact Grace United Methodist Church today!