What A Mission Trip Can Teach You

Here at Grace United Methodist Church, we have a long history of reaching out to everyone who will hear our message. We don't exclude based on any criteria, and since 1903 we've appreciated the diversity and welcoming attitude of our parishioners. One way we reach out to even more people is through mission trips. We encourage everyone who's able to experience a mission trip at some point in their lives. It can teach you so much and make your faith even stronger, while making a concrete difference in the lives of others.

What is a Mission Trip?

A short-term mission, often known as a mission trip, is when Christians travel to other areas to spread their religious faith. These trips can last a few days to around a year. Often a mission trip takes you somewhere where your faith is less common with the goal of teaching more people about your faith. These short trips can make a big difference and teach you a lot.

What You Can Learn


While you may already feel for people who have not been as fortunate as you, there's nothing like a mission trip to a less wealthy region of the world to make you realize how good you have it and how much help you can provide to others. You'll get to see how other people live firsthand and you'll forge real bonds with actual people. A mission trip is an experience that you won't soon forget and you'll be sure to feel even more compassion for your fellow man long after your trip has ended.

Communication Skills

You may consider yourself a great communicator already, but you can put those unique skills to work during mission trips. By the end of it, you may even end up becoming a better communicator than ever. Overcoming a language barrier and learning new things can make you a more well-rounded person. You might even learn sign language during your mission trip. No matter where you end up traveling, a mission trip can really aid in the development of better communications skills.

More Reliance on God

We've placed an emphasis on all of the good things about mission trips, but they're not all fun and relaxation. A mission trip requires work and a need to overcome various hardships. During a mission trip you'll learn to rely more on God when things get tough and you'll see how He can help you push past your limitations and make a real difference in the area.

A Broader Perspective and a Sense of Adventure

Mission trips also encourage a broader perspective. You see more of the world and learn that not every region is exactly like the one you currently live in. You'll have a more accurate view of the world you live in and the conditions some people experience. In addition to that, you'll also learn that getting out of your comfort zone can be a great thing. Going on an adventure to another place can light a fire under you and encourage you to take more mission trips where you can make a real difference.