What Is A Reconciling Church?

Being a reconciling church means that we have made a commitment to being in loving Christian ministry with all people without prejudice, to truly have “open hearts, open minds, and open doors,” to work toward the time when our congregation, our denomination, and our society live the all-inclusive love that our faith demands. As a sign of that commitment—and a vehicle for helping to achieve it, we have officially affiliated ourselves with the Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) and share its guiding principles. 

To our LGBTQ+ Brothers and Sisters, 

  • We are committed to reconciliation that leads to the healing and transformation of animosity into a loving relationship amongst all God’s children.
  • We are committed to the justice imperative of the Gospel and grounding its ministries in the Wesleyan practice of personal and social holiness.
  • We are committed to utilizing inclusive language and respectfully recognizing the diverse approaches to scripture, tradition, reason, and experience of the congregations and communities with whom it relates.
  • We aspire to fulfill our baptismal covenant to resist oppression in whatever form it presents itself in our movement, church, and world. RMN has a commitment to ending institutional racism, sexism, and economic injustice by working at the intersections of oppression and focusing on an ongoing examination of internal processes and external actions at all levels including its selection of issues and organizing strategies.
  • We believe that human sexuality is a good gift given by God. RMN and Grace are committed to supporting the integration of healthy, loving expressions of sexuality and spirituality for everyone. In particular, since the Church so often has sought to deny their full humanity, we celebrate the sexuality and spirituality of LGBT persons and pledge to provide resources that lead to a deeper understanding of God’s precious gift.
  • We are committed to policy change and the creation of long-term solutions and practices that create full inclusion in The United Methodist Church and our broader society. RMN works for full equality in membership, ordination, and marriage for God’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children.