The Greatest Gifts -- November 4, 2018

Senior Pastor, Judith Reedy, preaches on the two great commandments in Mark 12:28-34. Our gifts as God’s beloved, to love God and others as ourselves invites us to recognize where God is present and at work around us and in us.

Scripture: Mark 21:28-34

Also, here is a testimony about the role Grace Church has played a role in the life of member Preecha Leungorn.

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Lessons from Grace's Stained Glass--September 30, 2018

Grace member and journalist, Sam Hodges, offers a message about Grace Church’s history by looking at the different scenes within our sanctuary’s stained glass windows. Covering topics ranging from how the glass was selected, the figures represented in each pane, the beauty they adorn, the history of past Grace leaders and the impact they made in service and justice, and the spiritual lessons we receive from them - Sam paints a rich tapestry of how we as Grace Church can care for and live out of our history.

Scripture used for this sermon comes from Matthew 5:14-16.

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Adam White
Brothers and Sisters - Servants of All--September 23, 2018

Continuing our month-long celebration of Grace Church’s 115th year anniversary, Associate Pastor of Education, Reverend Adam White offers a message on Mark 9:30-39 to discern how we measure our value - as human beings, as followers of Jesus Christ, and as Grace Church as we seek to embody the posture of Christ by opening our arms in service with one another.

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Look Unto This Rock--September 16, 2018

Happy Birthday to Grace! To celebrate our 115th Anniversary, the community gathered reflects on Isaiah 51:1-3, which calls hearers of the Word to look to our past in order to find clear signs of God’s faithful guidance throughout history. Rev. Dr. Ted Campbell, Professor of Church History at SMU/Perkins, joins in celebrating Grace’s holding fast to our place on Junius and Haskell, as we continue to find new ways to forward God’s will in the world. Includes the Chancel Choir’s rousing renditions of “Amazing Grace” and “The Family of Grace.”

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From Strong Ancestral Line--September 2, 2018

This month, Grace celebrates its 115th anniversary.  Through the month, our theme is Our History--beginning with September 2nd's message by Associate Pastor Eric Markinson on Deuteronomy 4:1-2, 6-9.  What are the graces--and obstacles--handed to Grace, and to all of us, by those who preceded us?  Those who founded and have renewed Grace make the church a faithful witness to God's love command and Christ's call to service; Grace's descendants will receive its generous and inclusive legacy from a joyous and committed community.

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To Choose or Not to Choose?--August 26, 2018

To conclude Grace's summer theme of community, Pastor Judith Reedy preaches on the choice we make as a community, and as individuals, to commit to a life in God.  The covenant at Shechem (Joshua 24:1-2, 14-18) reveals Israel's choice to follow Yahweh; and Grace's ministries of service, welcome, and love are our act of praise and commitment, in thanks for all God has given us.

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REAL Food--August 19, 2018

What does it mean to gather at Christ's table, following his command to "Do this in remembrance of me"?  Pastor Judith Reedy considers John 6:51-58, the living bread come from heaven: The mystery of receiving the body and blood of Christ, while it seems beyond understanding, becomes real--and essential--in the community of our Triune God, the Church, and the world.

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Lorem Ipsum--August 12, 2018

This week's sermon at Grace returns to the Letter to the Ephesians (4:25-5:2) and asks whether these familiar teachings are just filler and noise for a cynical world.  Pastor Judith Reedy says No: Faith and love are Christ's call--what he modeled and what he offered as healing grace to the world, and that with which he challenges us to overcome the world's pain.

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