A Wesleyan Way Forward

Associate Minister, Rev. Adam White, offers a message about how God invites us to renew our covenant, to love God and one another, each and every day.

Scriptures: Readings: Jeremiah 31: 31-34 & Luke 9:18-27

Also, here are the Means of Grace mentioned in the sermon…

The Wesleyan Means of Grace 

The instituted means of grace (Means of Jesus) are…

•      Prayer (individual, familial, public, intercessional, and extemporaneous)

•      Studying scripture by reading, listening, preaching, or meditating

•      Receiving the Lord’s Supper

•      Abstinence and fasting

•      And participating in conversation about faith like in a small groups with others –Christian conferencing 

The prudential means of grace (Missional Means) are…

Particular rules or acts of holy living 

o  Observing a rule of life – living into Covenants)

Class and band meetings 

o  (Forming missional groups)

Prayer meetings, covenant/watch night services, & love feasts 

o  (Alternative worship– dinner church, kitchen groups, or pub theology)

Visiting the sick 

o  (Doing mission that partners with the local community)

Doing all the good one can, doing no harm

o  Doing good/no harm practically in/out of our churches

Reading devotional classics and all edifying literature

o  (Practices like – lectio divina, devotions, liturgy, meditation, etc.)